Weapons: Tecs and Black-Market Shotguns


Tecs (aka Tex, Teks etc) are simple submachineguns designed for very easy production. Not surprisingly, perhaps, they often resemble sten-guns with a vertical magazine. Tecs use the 9mm MAX cartridge, widely available on the black-market. Tecs vary considerably with respect to details such as stocks, barrel shrouds, sights and other fittings. The chief division is by barrel length. Long-barrelled tecs will often have some form of stock fitted, which may be folding. Shorter-barrelled compact or “machine pistol” tecs are often stockless, although this is not a defining feature. Tecs usually fire from an open bolt but the low power of the 9mm MAX cartridge allows for a relatively light bolt, so bolt movement does not disrupt aim as much as one would find in most 20th century SMGs. Tec users are usually more concerned with volume of fire and intimidation effect rather than pinpoint accuracy.
Simple machine pistol Simple machine-pistol Simple machine-pistol with suppressor Simple machine-pistol
Guns (SMG) (DX-4 or most other Guns at -2)
WeaponDamageAccRange (yards)Mass (lb)RoFShotsSTBulkRecoilNotes
Tec Machine Pistol 9mm MAX2d pi2120/1,3003.25/1.41232(3)10-32[1,2]
Tec SMG 9mm MAX2d pi3120/1,3006.5/1.4932(3)8†-4*2[1]
[1] Also used with more compact 14-round magazine, Wt 0.65 lb.
[2] Profile given for a stockless model.

Black-Market Shotguns

Shotgun ammunition is particularly easy to minifacture or even to hand-make. As well as being used in legal and illegal firearms they are also used in devices such as Boomsticks. Illegally produced shotguns will probably resemble legal models other than their lack of serial numbers. More concealable “sawn-offs” are popular with some criminals for robbery or executions. HT(4e) p.106 for sawn-off rules.
Below is a selection of weapons suitable for illegally produced shotguns. For the double-barrelled guns entries are given for full length, sawn-off and sawn-off stockless models. The Whippet 20-gauge is a very compact weapon. The tube-magazine shotguns represent repurposed hunting designs that have changed little since the 20th century. While slow to reload their shape makes them easier to conceal. Entries for both pump-action and autoloader versions are given. The “Auto-stakeout” is a compact autoloader that is also available in a model about the size of a large pistol. The Police riot guns represent illegal, untraceable copies of modern box-magazine loading weapons. Illegal copies may lack features such as HUD and laser sights.
Guns (Shotgun) (DX-4 or most other Guns at -2)
WeaponDamageAccRange (yards)Mass (lb)RoFShotsSTBulkRecoil
Double Barrel 12-gauge1d+1 pi340/8006.7/0.32 x 92(4i)10†-61/5
Dbl-Brl Sawn-Off 12-gauge1d+1 pi340/800
2 x 92(4i)10†-41/5[1]
Stockless Sawn-off 12-gauge1d+1 pi240/8003.7/0.42 x 92(4i)12†-31/6[1]
Whippet 20-gauge1d240/8003.8/0.22 x 72(3i)9†-31/5[1, 2]
Sawn-off Pump-gun 12-gauge1d+1 pi340/800
2 x 97+1 (2i)10†-51/5[3]
Stockless Sawn-off Pump-gun 12-gauge1d+1 pi240/8005.25/0.82 x 97+1 (2i)12†-31/6[3]
Sawn-off Auto 12-gauge1d+1 pi340/8006.25/0.83 x 97+1 (2i)10†-51/5[3]
Stockless Sawn-off Auto 12-gauge1d+1 pi240/8005.25/0.83 x 97+1 (2i)12†-31/6[3]
“Auto-stakeout” 20-gauge1d pi240/8004/0.353 x 74+1(2i)11†-31/6[1, 2, 3]
“Supershort Auto-stakeout” 20-gauge1d pi240/8003/0.23 x 72+1(2i)12†-21/6[1, 2, 3]
Police Riot-gun 12-gauge1d+1 pi340/8006/0.83 x910(3)10†-5*1/5
Compact Riot-gun 12gauge1d+1 pi240/800
3 x910(3)12†-4*1/6[1]
[1] Increased muzzle blast. +1 to Hearing and Vision to locate firer in the dark.
[2] ST+2 if fired one handed.
[3] Tube-magazine. Capacity given is for 2¾" length shotshells. Multiply magazine capacity by 0.9 for 3" loads or 1.1 for 2½", rounding down. For 1¾" mini-shells, multiply by 1.57, rounding down.
[4] Rof =2 when operated as a pump action.