Bonzai Babies™

Few things are cuter than a toddler. All of us, at one time or another, have thought that it is a pity they have to grow up! Now, thanks to the latest cutting-edge technology, they do not have to!
deSouza Bio-Cybernetics® is proud to offer:
Bonzai Babies™

These state of the art bioroids are designed to give you all of the joys of a toddler, but none of the disadvantages. They are even already house-trained, so forget nappy patrol!
Each Bonzai Baby™ comes with a ten-year limited warranty and is guaranteed immune to most serious childhood diseases.
Available in a wide variety of skin, hair and eye colours and a range of apparent ages. By arrangement, Bonzai Babies™ can be grown from user provided genetic material, subject to property rights.
(Note that due to exceptional demand for some types, oriental and blonde Bonzai Babiesmay be subject to a supplemental charge).