Tracers for Smart Ammo.

Light Up The Night!
Pan-Pacific Arms is excited to announce that many of their ammunition ranges are now available in selectable tracer format.
What is selectable tracer? Selectable means that tracer mode can be switched on or off just before firing. The same round can be used as either a tracer or non-tracer round. Just tell your weapon software what you want.
Dark Ignition. Selectable tracer has dark ignition as a standard feature. Rounds can be programmed to ignite at 20, 100 or 200 metres for greater tactical flexibility. Or you can select muzzle ignition if you want the attention.
Dual Wavelength. Most of our new tracer ranges have the dual wavelength option as standard. Visible trace is produced by a pyrotechnic composition that burns for several seconds. Two choices of intensity are available: bright for daytime used and lower output for night firing without dazzling the shooter. If visible light output is not selected, the rounds can be used as “Dim Tracers”. A chemical reaction that generates most of its light as infra-red can be initiated. (Note that dim tracers will only be visible to suitable equipment. Tracers in visible mode may have an incendiary effect and their use may be restricted in certain locations. It is the user’s responsibility to check local laws and ordinances.)
Pan Pacific Arms selectable tracers are available in a wide variety of homing and non-homing formats. They are available in all common calibres with the current exception of 4mm. We are working on that!
Each second and subsequent shot after the first tracer shot adds a non-cumulative +1 to skill. Using visible tracer mode beyond ignition distance adds the incendiary (inc) damage modifier (p.B105, B433). Dim mode is only visible to Infravision, Night Vision, and Hyperspectral Vision.