Maynard Menschenjäger

“They look mighty odd, I’ll grant you, but they have the eyes of a hawk and the nose of a bloodhound. The poachers and smugglers hate them!”
The Maynard Menschenjäger is a distinctive model of robot armoured tactical system (RATS) cybershell.
Its body is a bi-convex disc that is triangular rather than circular in plan view. The shape is sometimes likened to a tricorne hat. On the upper pole of the disc is a turret mounting the main armaments. A smaller, retractable turret is on the underside.
At each corner of the triangle is a cluster of sensors, creating the impression that the Menschenjäger has three heads. Obviously, an intact Menschenjäger has a 360 degree field of view.
The sides of the triangular body are slightly concave and each mounts two long, jointed legs. The Menschenjäger moves like an ant, at least three of its feet being in contact with the ground at any time. Unlike an ant, the Menschenjäger does not have a head and tail. Its front legs are whichever pair are closest to the direction it wishes to move. A Menschenjäger can change direction without turning.
Maynard Menschenjägers are mainly used for patrolling rural areas. Their long legs give them a good cross-country speed and they are considerably quieter than conventional vehicles. Intruders that would usually hide at the sound of an approaching vehicle are frequently caught by Menschenjäger patrols. Menschenjägers are efficient trackers and their sensors include scent and other forms of chemical detectors.