Surveillance Worms.

Surveillance worms are devices described in GURPs Ultratech 4e but are a very credible device for TS.
A surveillance worm resembles a very small snakebot and functions rather like a mobile fibre-optic camera cable or endoscope. Some surveillance worms may be as small as 0.1” wide and 2” long. Like many snakebots it may have a visual sensor at both ends. Despite the name the worm may have a number of legs to assist in climbing and linear movement, rather like a caterpillar or millipede. It can also move by a more worm-like peristaltic action. Its light source illuminates a two-yard cone. The user can see whatever the worm is looking at but has No Depth Perception (p. B145). Worms have microcommunicators and can communicate with each other when used in multiples or relay signals from other worms. Alternately a worm can be controlled via a fiber-optic cable as thin as a fishing line to avoid emitting any signals.
Customs men and police officers may search a suspect or package by literally emptying a can of worms over them!
Surveillance worms provide +3 on Search attempts. A Vision-5 roll is required to spot the worm.