The attrapeur is a robot used by a number of police and security forces. It was first used with great success in the Paris student riots four years ago. An attrapeur has four multi-sectioned legs of about a metre length which join onto a compact, flat body of less than a third of a metre long. An attrapeur flipped on its “back” will simply pivot its limbs until they are under it again. The narrowness of its limbs and body make it a difficult target to hit with gunfire. Its appearance and movements are disturbing to severe arachnophobes.
When not in use the attrapeur folds itself up into a compact volume. Even vehicles with relatively limited cargo space can carry a number of attrapeurs.
The attrapeur can run at great speed. An attacking attrapeur will run to a target and seize them around the thighs with its forward limbs. Its body will then flip upwards and the rear limbs will wrap around the target’s arms and torso. This usually immobilizes the target. The attrapeur broadcasts its location to the command centre. A flashing LED and audible beacon is also activated to assist officers locating the attrapeur and its prisoner.
In many English speaking countries the attrapeur has gained the alternate name of “wrapper”.