Low Cost Accommodations in THS

“He and Wynne were living at a tube rack in Battersea. She could have afforded better; he insisted that they live within his means. There were about two hundred plastic sleep tubes stacked in what had once been a warehouse. Each was three meters long; the singles were a meter and a half in diameter, the doubles two. Each was furnished with a locker beneath a gel mattress, a telelink terminal, and a water bubbler passing for a sink. There was always a line for the showers. The toilets smelled.”
from “Solstice” by James Patrick Kelly.
The sleep tubes that Kelly describes seem to be a simple means to quickly create low-cost accommodation. In the description they are used to convert a presumably disused warehouse into a residence.
Later in the story, the sleep tube is shipped to Wiltshire where the protagonists use it while attending the festival at Stonehenge.
Shown above is a real world equivalent of the sleep tube that is available to travellers through Hanoi Airport. The “pods” can be rented by the hour. Each is four metres square and three metres high. Essentially a mini-hotel, each pod includes an alarm clock, wardrobe, clothes hanger, phone, Wi-Fi, and a complimentary drink and snack.
Adventurers in cyberpunk or THS may encounter similar forms of low-cost accommodation.