Cling Nets for GURPS

The cling net is a device unashamedly lifted from Judge Dredd. It is a device that may be encountered in any scenario where technology has achieved tangler weaponry.

The cling net consists of a handle and a number of long, weighted cords. The cords are made from an electrically influenced myomimetic polymer. The entire device folds small enough to fit in a typical belt pouch so can be carried by any patrolman. The cling net follows the rules for nets given in the Basic rules, 4e p.411. It has a range of 2 hexes so may be used at C, 1 and 2 range. A successful hit from a cling net is treated as a one hex tangler warhead hit but the target is not allowed an extra dodge [THS 3e p.159 or Ultra-tech 4e p.155]. The cling net will hold on to its target until a key or code is entered into the handle. The cords are ST 30 DR 10 and not susceptible to tangler solvent.