Weapons: Mk-7 Mine

The Mk-7 Anti-track mine resembles a square plastic carrying case or flattened jerry can, 4 inches deep and 10 inches to a side. It has a moulded carrying handle and weighs around 11 pounds.
The basic mine contains virtually no detectable metal although optional fusing systems may change this.
The design has been widely copied. Outer casing is typically a mud-brown colour although grey, green and pale-sand colours are also produced. The pale-sand model also works well in snowfields.
The Mk-7 Anti-track mine is a pressure-activated and can be scattered from ground vehicles, helicopters and low-flying aircraft, or can be manually buried. The mine is non-buoyant, waterproof and can be operated to a depth of 1 yard underwater. The mine is either surface-laid or buried down to 70 mm below the ground surface.
The Mk-7 Anti-track mine is provided with a double anti-shock device operating mechanically and pneumatically. This device prevents the mine from being triggered when an impulsive load is applied onto the pressure plate, caused either by an accidental drop, when scattered by a helicopter dispenser, by the detonation of a nearby or suspended explosive charge, or by the action of fuel-air explosive mine-clearing systems.
The hinged pressure plate on one face of the mine has glass shear pins and the sensitivity of the mine can be varied by changing these pins for ones of a different diameter or wall thickness. The plastic casing also has several auxiliary fuse wells. The mine can also be fitted with optional anti-handling devices, electronic proximity fuses or a tilt-rod fuse kit.
The Mk-7 is of limited effectiveness against modern fighting vehicles but can disable them by cutting a track or destroying a wheel. It is effective against soft-skinned vehicles and many military cybershells.
Somewhat obsolescent, the Mk-7 remains in wide use due to its low-cost, simplicity and versatility. Many organisations use the Mk-7 as a convenient demolition and satchel charge. Typically one fuse well will be fitted with a pull-igniter and a ten-second length of fuse in addition to any more sophisticated detonation systems.
A Mk-7 does damage of 6d x 13 cr ex. Dismantling the mine yields 8lbs of useable advanced TS explosive, each pound doing 6d x 4 cr ex.