Most hand grenades used in the TS era are quite small. The magbomb is an exception to this. A magbomb is over a foot long and weighs 2.2lbs. The magbomb resembles a large flashlight in appearance and may be carried by belt rings designed for flashlights.
The magbomb is a compact, handier alternative to the satchel charge. It is triggered by an electronic fuse that can be manually set for delays of five seconds to five hours. The magbomb is armed by the familiar action of pulling out the safety pin and allowing the safety lever to detach. The safety lever incorporates a compact transmitter. The user retains the safety lever and can use its coded radio signal to start or pause the magbomb’s timer. The timer can also be remotely reset to the value initially programmed into it. The transmitter can also be used to command detonate the magbomb. Transmitter range is about 60 yards but may be reduced by terrain features or other local factors.
The magbomb has a thermobaric warhead and does 8d x 4 cr ex damage. Use a 0.5 armour divisor. Modify damage by dividing by (2 x distance in yards from blast centre) as per HT4e p.170 and p.B104.
Since the magbomb is a powerful weapon that can only be thrown a relatively short distance, it is regarded as a defensive grenade. In other words, users need to ensure there is adequate shielding or distance between them and the detonation. Magbombs are generally used from defensive positions or in urban operations where there is plenty of cover. In recent years magbombs have seen increased use by battlesuited and cybershell users who can not only throw them further but are less vulnerable to the effects of nearby blasts.