Weapons: More 4mm Weapons. Pocket Pistol and Rip-Gun

In a previous blog I described a number of 4mm caseless weapons. Here are two more, not found in official publications. 

4mm Pocket Pistol

The pocket pistol is intermediate in size between the service pistol and the mouse gun. Outside of military circles they are one of the most commonly encountered 4mm weapons.
4mm pocket pistols vary considerably in price and quality. They range from utilitarian models, carried for self-protection, to highly decorated presentation pieces, owned by politicians, senior executives and staff officers. Fitted for a suppressor, they are the weapon of choice of many agents and assassins.
Guns (Pistol) (DX-4, or most other Guns at -2)
WeaponDamageAccRange (yards)Mass (lb)RoFShotsSTBulkRecoil
Pocket Pistol, 4mm2d pi-1200/2,0001.3/0.15315(3)7-12
4mm Subsonic1d+1 pi-1
4mm Plastic Subsonic1d pi-170/600

4mm Rip-Gun

The 4mm rip-gun is a weapon system that was inspired by the 20th century American-180 weapon. 4mm ammunition is low bulk and low recoil, so well suited to a weapon with a high rate of fire and large ammunition capacity. Many of the components of the rip-gun are common to PDWs or assault rifles.
The rip-gun resembles a PDW or assault rifle with a heavier barrel. The barrel assembly has a heat sink, cooling fans, muzzle brake and other features consistent with its intended role. The weapon takes a large capacity drum but can also use the smaller magazines designed for 4mm PDWs (100rds, 0.56lb). Use of subsonic ammo in such a weapon would be unusual and it would be prudent to have the weapon tuned by an armourer before such use. Using plastic ammunition would be even more unusual. Plastic ammunition affects the reliability of the very high rate of fire mechanism. If using plastic ammo Malfunction drops from 17 to 16. Jams are most likely, so reverse the occurrence of misfires and stoppages on the table on p.B407 [HT 4e p.81]. If Malfunction was already lower than 17 due to effects such as dirt or abuse it drops a further -1 with plastic ammo.
The rip-gun is a short-range weapon, but within this range it can be highly effective. Its high rate of fire and low recoil effectively create a stream of bullets that can be accurately directed to chew through targets, light armour and cover.
Stats given are for the basic model. A laser-sighting system is a common addition, and the weapon even more potent when used with laser-homing or gestalt ammunition. 
Guns (SMG) (DX-4, or most other Guns at -2)
WeaponDamageAccRange (yards)MassRoFShotsSTBulkRecoil
Rip-gun, 4mm3d+2 pi-3380/2,70010/2.225400(58†-32
4mm Subsonic1d+1 pi-150/1,280
4mm Plastic Subsonic1d pi-75/630