Structure Hits

Structure Hit is a term used in Bruce Sterling’s book “Heavy Weather”. It is a concept and terminology that could readily lend itself to THS.
“Structure Hit” was originally a military term for the policy of targeting an enemy’s constructions rather than their population. By the mid-21st century the term had entered civilian parlance and was used for various destructive acts against property. Explosives are commonly used but some hits involve cyberswarms, supercaustics, corrosives or embrittlement chemicals.
While the majority of structure hits were simple vandalism, some were politically motivated. Some radical factions considered a well-publicised structure hit to be more effective than more traditional terrorist actions that resulted in casualties.
Some variations include:
Hard Cyber/Hardware Hit: Physical action against computers or databanks.
Soft Cyber/Software Hit: Malicious hacking or computer virus attack.
Comms/Signal Hit: Disruption of communications.
Broadcast/Media Hit: Interruption or insertions in TV broadcasts, webpages etc.
Wet Hit: Assassination, bombing or berserking.
Tag/Graffiti Hit: Use of paint against personnel or property.
Meme Hit: Attack on reputation or use of propaganda.