Bumblebots are very small, flying surveillance and reconnaissance devices. Unlike the machines used in cyberswarms, they are usually used singularly or in small numbers.
A typical bumblebot resembles a pyramid with sides of one centimetre. A leg is at each corner and at the peak is a spherical lens. Insect-like wings are mounted on the sides.
A bumblebot usually flies point first or point downwards. It may fly point upwards if the controller wishes to look at the underside of something.
Alternately a bumblebot may grip onto a vertical or horizontal surface to observe an area.
Typically bumblebots are coloured light grey, making them hard to spot when not in motion. Most bumblebots can also pick up sound when not flying. Some even use their wings as additional audio pickup systems.
Below is a video of a possible ancestor of THS Bumblebots: