Weapons: 10mm Caseless and Enkidu

10mm Caseless

The 10mmCLP round has become the standard for most THS military and police pistols and SMGs. A high-velocity medium-calibre round, its penetration gives it a reasonable capability against body-armour or cybershells, and its flat-trajectory aids accuracy. The 10mmCLP is a supersonic round, so subsonic ammunition is recommended if using a suppressor. This reduces Damage to 2d-1, Range is x 0.8 (pistols), x 0.6 (SMG/ PDW).
Note: In the real world .40 and 10mm pistols have similar ballistics to .357 magnums. The start of the “large piercing (pi+)” category in GURPS should more realistically begin at .43/11mm. Transhuman Space 10mmCLP weapons can be left as pi+ in the assumption of some “smart” or other high-tech construction that has resulted in an improvement in terminal performance. GMs should feel free to drop this modifier for subsonic or plastic ammunition or any other ammunition type they feel it is unrealistic for.
Guns (Pistol) (DX-4, or most other Guns at -2)
WeaponDamageAccRange (yards)Mass (lb)RoFShotsSTBulkRecoil
Pistol, 10mm3d pi+2200/1,9002.75/0.53320(3)10-23
10mm Subsonic2d-1 pi+2120/1,140
10mm Plastic Subsonic1d-2 pi+2120/1,140

10mm Pocket Revolver (“Stubbie”)

A compact, polymer-framed, hammerless revolver often used as a backup pistol. Takes standard 10mm pistol ammunition but is subject to some gas leakage that may reveal the firer’s location. This is not usually a disadvantage for a close-range defensive weapon.
Guns (Pistol) (DX-4, or most other Guns at -2)
WeaponDamageAccRange (yards)Mass (lb)RoFShotsSTBulkRecoilCost
10mm Stubby3d-1 pi+190/1,000335(3)9-12$475

10mm Munition Revolver

Stainless SA Colt

Originally designed in China as a basic weapon for traffic police, municipal police, security guards and other personnel not expected to be particularly familiar with firearms. Now available in a number of cosmetic variations, some of them resembling classic weapons such as the Enfield MkII Revolver, S&W Model 10, Colt Python, Colt Peacemaker etc. Fancy models are popular with some staff officers.
Guns (Pistol) (DX-4, or most other Guns at -2)
WeaponDamageAccRange (yards)Mass (lb)RoFShotsSTBulkRecoilCostLC
10mm Munition Revolver3d pi+2200/1,9001.8/0.1538(3i)10-22$5002

10mm PDWs and SMGs

Guns (SMG) (DX-4, or most other Guns at -2)
WeaponDamageAccRange (yards)Mass (lb)RoFShotsSTBulkRecoil
PDW 10mm3d pi+4200/1,9005.9/1.61260(5)9-43
10mm Subsonic2d+1 pi+160/1,520
10mm Plastic Subsonic1d-2 pi+80/760
For pistol-fired rounds, subsonic ammunition gives -1 to Hearing.
For PDW and rifle-fired rounds, subsonic ammunition gives -2 to Hearing.

10mm Machine Pistol

10mm machine pistols are favoured for operations in confined spaces or by those that need a concealable automatic weapon. The suppressor makes a handy foregrip while keeping overall length short. The folding stock is easily removable. Designed to be able to also use standard 10mm pistol magazines in addition to its own 32 round magazines. A cyclic rate reducer matches the rate of fire to the natural oscillation of the weapon for maximum accuracy.
Guns (SMG or Pistol) (DX-4, or most other Guns at -2)
WeaponDamageAccRange (yards)Mass (lb)RoFShotsSTBulkRecoilCostLC
10mm Machine Pistol3d pi+2200/1,9003.5/0.8732(3)8†-2*2$6002

Enkidu Machine Pistol

Produced by the Islamic Caliphate this 9mm caseless machine pistol is the standard side arm of the Ghazi and Mutawi’yyun. While not as powerful as 10mm weapons it is popular for being a well-balanced and accurate weapon. There is a considerable underground market for this weapon outside the Caliphate. Ammunition may be harder to procure than 10mmCLP or 4mmCL outside of the Caliphate.
Guns (SMG or Pistol) (DX-4, or most other Guns at -2)
WeaponDamageAccRange (yards)Mass (lb)RoFShotsSTBulkRecoilCostLC
9mm Enkidu2d+2 pi4190/1,8003.5/0.71515(3)10-2*2$1,0002