New Terminology for Transhuman Space

Transhuman Space (THS) has its own terminology, and some of these terms may be unfamiliar to the reader. Some of the sourcebooks have a glossary section, but one sometimes encounters a term that is defined in another title. Currently I do not have time to collate a THS dictionary.
This post was inspired by the observation that THS lacked a specific term for a cybershell or other device that was controlled remotely, rather than hosting an infomorph. (The term “drone” has become rather ambiguous.)
I have thrown in some other terms that may be useful, some of my own invention, some homages to other sci-fi or borrowed from cyberpunk.
This page does not generally contain terms already included in the glossaries in THS GURPS books.
I will be updating this page as new ideas occur, so check the version number occasionally.
3D5S : “Three dimensional, Five senses.” Taken from a nomenclature used to describe interface systems. VII offer 3D5S experience. Wearables are usually 3D2S. VR suits usually 3D3S. Conventional television screens are 2D2S. Slinkies are sometimes described as 3D6S since they also render emotional impressions.


Android : A robot/cybershell with a humanoid appearance. Literally “man/male-like”.
A.P.I.S : Autonomous Pollenating Insect Simulants. “Robot-bees” used to pollenate plants in environments where suitable animals are rare or do not exist.
Arch : (slang) adj. Deliberately unpleasant, condescending, patronizing, sly, cunning or mischievous.
n. An enemy or foe. Contraction of archenemy, arch-nemesis etc. 
Ares : Pertaining to Mars. Study of the planet is Areology.
Armbot : A robotic system that resembles a mechanical arm. Often such systems are static and installed in workshops or factories.
Arpeevi : A remotely piloted vehicle or remotely operated cybershell or bioshell. Derived from “RPV”.


BACTFUTOA/Bactfutoa (slang) Sometimes assumed to be Japanese, Korean or Indonesian, this is actually derived from “Big American Company Too Far Up Their Own Ass”. Originally coined to describe certain fast-food and entertainment mega-corporations.
Bahcon : (pr. bah, kon!) Unconvincing vegetarian bacon substitute.
Baseline : A human or other creature without significant biomods or cybernetic augmentations. 
Blank : Someone attempting to live outside official records or databases.
Blip/Blip-Culture : “Blip” is a term used by Talhoffer to describe short packets of information, such a video clips, sound-bytes etc. A Third-Wave individual would need to be able to synthesise a world-view from the blips they were exposed to.
Most blips an individual is exposed to originate from their personal influence-sphere (qv).
Blip-Sphere/Blip-Space : see “Influence-Sphere”.
Boarding Torpedo : A boarding pod or Microgravity Assault Vehicle (MAV), specifically one that rams a vessel to create its own entrance.
High acceleration flight and impact stresses mean such vessels invariably only carry military cybershells.
Bookscreen : Alternate name for a “book” aka “book computer”. (THS Broken Dreams p.130)
Bot : 1. A contraction of “robot”.
2. An an autonomous program that can interact with systems or users. 
Bracer/Wrister : Hand-held information and control device in a forearm mount. Used instead of VIIs in some parts of the Solar System.
This form of interface is still fairly common on most space-suits, particularly older examples.
Breaching Pod : Alternate name for a boarding pod or Microgravity Assault Vehicle (MAV), specifically one that creates its own entrance.
Bunny/Bunnies(slang) Term for residents of Luna. Derived from the “bunny-hop” used to move in one-sixth gravity .


Can : (slang) Space habitat, particularly one in some disrepair.
Can-dweller : (slang) Occupant of a space habitat. 
Capital-Vessel : (informally: “capital-ship”) Large military space vessel such as an SCV, SDV or SEV.
Carronade : Launch system for KADM (qv).
C/Si, C/Si culture : pronounced “see-sy” or “see-sai”. Irrelevantly pronounced “sea-si”. A descriptor for the integration of biological (carbon or “C”) and electronic (silicon or “Si”) life or systems working together or in the same environment. The older term “C/Fe” (see-fee) may still be encountered.
Choom/Choombah/Choombatta: (Cyberpunk slang) Chum, friend, buddy, family member. Often used ironically.
“Choom” is also Australian and New Zealand slang for an Englishman. Both uses have spread through the Pacific Rim Alliance and neighbouring areas, to the annoyance of some English visitors.
Collective/Co-operative/Co-Op : Several cybershells or bioshells being simultaneously operated by a single infomorph.
Commonwealth, The : (aka “The British Commonwealth of Nations” or “British Commonwealth”) A voluntary association of states, many (but not all) former territories or colonies of the British Empire.
The Commonwealth is primarily a means of cultural exchange. In recent years Canada has taken an increasingly central role in Commonwealth administration.
Membership includes nations that are part of the Caribbean Union, European Union, Indian Bloc, Pacific Rim Alliance, Southern African Coalition and a number of unaligned nations including Canada, Gabon, Belize and Pakistan.
The Commonwealth has often proved a useful intermediary between nations and alliances. Its influence is resented by some factions in Washington.
Comp-panion : An alternate term for an AI companion, as found in a VII or WVI.
Conduit : Main passageway of a space vessel, usually running most of a vessel's length.
Control B : (slang) to act bold, brash, obvious, ostentatious.
Corpsicle : (slang) Someone in stasis or suspended animation.
Counterstriker : An active defence system against missiles.
Courier : See “Packet”.
Cutter : Short-range patrol and pursuit space vessel. Often resembles a frigate (qv) configured for inspection and boarding roles. 
Cytherea : Pertaining to Venus. Study of the planet is Cytherology.


Demeter : Pertaining to Ceres. Study of the dwarf planet is Demeterology.
Dimestick/Dimedart : A 15mm micromissile. Term chiefly used in the USA or by Americans. A dime coin is approximately the same diameter as a micromissile.
Dirty Belter : Someone from the outer edge of the asteroid belt, particularly from those settlements that use D-T fusion reactors for power (hence “dirty” as opposed to “clean” He3). Term may or may not be derogatory, depending on context and speaker.
Doppel/Dopple : (slang) Term used for an on-line or VR avatar. Derived from the German Doppelganger”.
Double Dipping : Using a VR simulation while already within a VR simulation.
Droid : Although derived from the term “android”, “droid” is used less specifically and may refer to any form of robot or cybershell, or even an automatic program.
Droud : Device to deliver and regulate electric current applied directly to the pleasure centres of the brain. Also known as “a dildo of the mind”.
Duster : (slang) Martian.
Dynamite : (slang) Term used for any explosive device using a length of lit fuse. Also used for explosive devices with a friction igniter initiated by a pull-cord or loop. Such ignition systems are used on many of the homemade grenades and pipe-bombs used by American insurgents.


Edge, The : Metaphorical edge of society, outskirts. Has a meaning similar to Fringe.
Edgerunners : An alternate, more glamourous, self-promoting term for fringers or marginals.
Eight-Block/8-Blok : A unit of PX-8 explosive. Due to the historical influence of the US Military, most manufacturers produce PX-8 in 450 gram units.
El/El-Train : Elevated railway. Public transport system used in many cities.
Eris : Pertaining to Eris. Study of the dwarf planet is Eridology.
Eunice : (slang) Uranus, or pertaining to Uranus. Sometimes preferred to the correct name by the prudish.
Evakuitorie : Facility previously referred to by vague or inaccurate euphemisms such as toilet, lavatory, refresher, personals, latrine, head, can, restroom, benjo, powder room, washroom, bathroom, comfort station, etc.
The term “evakuitorie” has been promoted to reduce confusion by those with different languages or cultures.
Eyes/Eyeballs : (slang) see “Visors”.


Facon : (pr. fay-kon) Bacon-flavoured faux-flesh, often of poor quality.
Fembot : see gynoid.
Fifteeny : A 15mm micromissile. More generally, any 15mm munition such as rounds for AMR or recoilless guns.
primitive armament
Firedart : Variant of 15mm micromissile. Used for sabotage and destruction of materials. The firedart has a thermite warhead that burns with intense heat. It also has an incendiary tracer element that will ignite inflammable gases or vapours the dart passes through.
Firedarts can be identified by their magnesium outer casing and light-red body colour with a blue and light-blue ring.
First Wave : Toffler's First Wave of Civilization is the settled agricultural society which prevailed in much of the world since the Neolithic Period, replacing hunter-gatherer cultures. Some parts of the Earth in 2100 are still predominantly First Wave.
Fish : (slang) Artificial, usually used for an artificial or synthetic object or creature such as an android, bioroid or simp.
Fission : (slang) Bad, disastrous, particularly if involving a break-up or destruction in some form or context.
Flaneur : (slang) An observer. Alternate term for an eye or visor. From the French “flâneur”. See “Visors”.
Flash : (slang) v. to understand, to comprehend, to reveal, to enlighten, to notice, to detect.
Flatlander : (slag) Someone who has never travelled into space.
Flatlander Politics : Political activity opposing activities such as  space travel, space exploration or orbital industry.
Flats : (slang) 2D videos, usually vintage movies and shows from the 20th and early 21st century. eg: “They found him watching an old Bruce Lee flat”.
FLIP : Free-Living Intelligent/Independent Program.
FOBO : Fear of Being Off-line.
Freehand : Someone (often freelance), who can use augmented reality and v-tag technology to perform skilled labour even though they lack the basic skills themselves. (THS Fifth Wave 3e p.113)
Frigate : Military space vessel, larger than a gunboat. Capable of independent missions of several days’ duration. Used for scouting, exploration, patrolling and liaison.
Frigates operate from bases or use a larger capital vessel as a mothership. Many frigates are large enough to carry their own KADMs and attack and interceptor drones..
Fringe : The social edge of society.
Fringers : occupants or residents of the Fringe.


Gaia : Pertaining to Earth. Study of the planet is Geology.
Garbage Can : (slang) A space habitat of questionable state of repair or quality.
Gasworlder : n. Lifeform of a Jovoid or Neptunoid planet (hypothetical in THS).
Ghost : In Transhuman Space. a ghost is a mind emulation program of an uploaded (human) personality.
In Ghost in the Shell, the word “ghost” is slang for an individual's consciousness or “soul”, that which differentiates a human being from a biological robot.
Ghoti : (slang) Alternate spelling of “fish” (qv). Either used pedantically or to emphasise the artificiality of the object.
Gonk : (slang) n. An idiot, dummy, “wally” or fool. Originally British slang, but widely used. Term is also used for decoy or dummy ammunition.
v. to fool, to deceive.
Gorp(slang) n. A fool, idiot or oaf. Someone who is gormless. Sometimes used instead of “gawper”, hence a fool who “rubbernecks”, or someone paying more attention to their palmscreen than their surroundings.
Greyhound : See “Packet”.
Groundhog/Ground-Gripper : (slang) see “Flatlander”.
Gynoid : An android with apparently feminine characteristics or features. Literally “woman-like”.


Hades : Pertaining to Pluto. Study of the dwarf planet is Hadeology.
Hammerhead : A motorized reverse trike used as a personal transport. Originally the name of a particular model, the term has become generic for all models and brands of similar vehicle.
Hard-Xoxnap : A xoxnapping made by brainpeeling or other destructive means to create a ghost. Fatal for the victim.
Hermes : Pertaining to Mercury. Study of the planet is Hermology.
Swarm warhead
Hive Bomb/Hive Warhead : Warhead containing a swarm of microbots or small robotic systems. Also known as “swarm” or “cyber-cargo” rounds.
Hive Bot : Robot with the primary or additional function of hosting, and possibly controlling, microbot swarms. Some military models take the form of compact, heavily armoured vehicles or walkers.


Illuminum : Substance resembling metal that glows with its own light. Usually encountered as wall or ceiling panels, but may be constructed into other objects.
Influence-Sphere : The sources from which an individual draws the majority of their entertainment, information and world-view.
In a First or Second-Wave society there are a very limited number of news-sources and broadcasting stations. Most individuals share the same influence-sphere.
Demassification of media in the information-age has resulting in myriad individual influence-spheres and it is rare for anyone in Third, Fourth or Fifth-Wave societies to have an identical influence-spheres.
One effect of this is that someone who is a celebrity in some influence-spheres would probably be unknown outside of these spheres.
Inner : (slang) Of, or from, the inner worlds, specifically Mars, Luna or Earth.
Input/In’ : (slang) A sexual partner, with the implication that they are the submissive or penetrated element. See “Output”.


Jack : (slang) v. a sex act, to have sex, or to have sex with. May be used as an interjection or to express displeasure or dismissal: “Jack hir and hir stupid rule!” See “Input” and “Output”.
2: (slang) v. to steal, to thieve. A contraction of “hijack” so may be written as ’jack by the the precise or careful.
The two meanings may combine in certain contexts: “Gorp left his sexbot unguarded, so a couple of playas jacked it good.”
Jacker : (slang) A thief, pirate or hijacker.
Jenny/Joey : (slang) Jupiter, or pertaining to Jupiter.
Joat : A generalist in a particular field of study or knowledge. (Etymology: derived from Jack of All Trades”)
Jovic : n. Lifeform of a Jovoid planet (hypothetical in THS). Distinct from “jovian”, an inhabitant of Jupiter.
Jovoid : Planets resembling Jupiter. One of the three major sub-classes of planetary types.
Jovoid planets range from 0.41 times the mass of Jupiter and range up to Brown Dwarfs.
Joviod planets resemble neptunoid planets but are so massive they begin to “self-compress”. More massive Jovoid planets show relatively little increase in size with increases in mass.
The upper limit of the Jovoid planets is where they achieve enough mass to start burning their hydrogen and become stellar bodies, or stars. .
Joytoy : (slang) A sexworker. Derived terms include “Joyboy” and “Joygirl”. May also be used for a sexbot, bioroid used for sexual purposes, or for an inanimate sex-toy.


KADM : “Kinetic Anti-Drone Missiles” launched by a magnetic linear accelerator. Short-range weapon system often mounted on larger space vessels. Link
The term “carronade” is often used for the launch system for the KADMs.
Each KADM is a chemically fuelled guided-missile capable of manoeuvre and further acceleration.
Carronades and their rounds are also known as “smashers”.
Karakuri : (slang) A cybershell or bioshell, particularly one remotely operated. From the Japanese for “puppet/mechanism”.
Knob-Twiddler : A job that requires the worker to be physically present at the place of work. A worker performing such a task.
Kronos : Pertaining to Saturn. Study of the planet is Kronology.
Kwiklok : Low-volume airlock designed to take a single individual or small objects. Link.


Lander : A space vessel used for moving between surface and orbit. Generally this term is reserved for craft that do not make major use of aerodynamic lift and control surfaces. Landers are often encountered on moons and planetoids with little or no atmosphere, but may be used for transit through atmospheres.
Lev : (slang) Maglev train system. Often incorrectly used for any monorail or elevated railway.
Limpet Pod : Alternate name for a boarding pod or Microgravity Assault Vehicle (MAV), specifically one that attaches to the hull of a vessel rather than ramming.
London El/London-L : Elevated railway public transport system created when the Docklands Light Railway was extended to Marble Arch and across most of Greater London. The opening of the London-L significantly reduced much of the overcrowding on the London Underground.
Loony/Lunie : (slang) Luna, or pertaining to the Moon.
Louie : (slang) Luna, or pertaining to the Moon.
LLW : Less Lethal Weapon. Any weapon system designed to neutralize a target without using lethal levels of force.


Machine Sophont : Alternate term for a sapient artificial intelligence (SAI).
Marginals : A term often with a similar meaning to “fringers”. In some societies marginal has more of an implication of criminality or deviancy.
Mayfly : One-use orbit-to-surface cargo transport spacecraft. Link
Meat-Brains : (Slang) Humanity in general, particularly when acting in a prejudiced, unjust, selfish or superstitious manner. Solutions to major problems formulated by SAI are often ignored due to meat-brain self-interest.
Meatspace : The physical world outside of VR or cyberspace.
Meme Bomb : A constructed rumour. A “mind grenade” (Toxic Memes 3e p.61).
Mercy~ (Mercy-Boy/-Girl/-Men) : A mercenary or gun-for-hire.
Meth : (slang) The very old and very wealthy. Derived from “Methuselah”.
Micky/Mickey/Mickie : (slang) Martian, or pertaining to Mars
Microbot : In common usage “microbot” is used as a generic term for any small robot or cybershell. In more technical context the term is specific for a robot with characteristic dimensions of less than one millimetre (0.1 cm). “Microbots” in a cyberswarm may in actuality be microbots, millibots or smallbots.
The conventions used are:
Nanobot/nanorobot: characteristic dimensions of one micrometer or less (0.0001 cm). May also be used for larger robots designed to handle materials of 1 to 1,000 nm dimensions. 
Microbot/microrobot: size between one micrometre and one millimetre (0.1 cm).
Millibot/millirobot: between one millimetre and 1 centimetre (1 cm) in size.
Minibot/minirobot: between 1 cm and 1o centimetre (10 cm) in size.
Smallbot/small robot: between 10 cm and 1 metre (100 cm) in size.
Minnie/Hot Minnie : (slang) Mercury, or pertaining to Mercury.
Moreau : (slang) Derogatory term for an uplift or any other artificially created biological creature.


Neptunoid : Planets resembling Neptune. One of the three major sub-classes of planetary types.
The Neptunoid planets range from more than twice the Earth's mass to about 130 times; or up to 0.41 times (±0.07) of the mass of Jupiter.
A neptunoid planet has sufficient mass for its atmosphere to retain significant amounts of hydrogen and helium, resulting in a deep, dense atmosphere. 
Nester or Nessie : Colonist of the asteroid belt. “Dirty nester” is an alternative to “dirty belter” (qv).
Nina : (slang) Neptune, or pertaining to Neptune.


Output/Out’ : (slang) The dominant or penetrating element of a sexual encounter. See “Input”.


Packet : High-speed space vessel used for the transportation of small, valuable or high-priority cargo. Also known as a “courier” or “greyhound”. Link
Palmscreen : Alternate name for a hand-held. (THS Broken Dreams 3e p.130)
Peg : (slang) An Output/Out’. See Prong.
Penunimate : The time before the final one percent of an operation, such as a download, completes. May be several hours in duration.
Plate-Scraper : A job that requires the worker to be physically present at the place of work. A worker performing such a task.
Poke : v. To inject. To take a drug, not necessarily by injection. n. A dose of a drug.
Poseidic : n. Lifeform of a Neptunoid planet (hypothetical in THS). Distinct from neptunian or poseidian, which are specifically inhabitants of Neptune.
Poseidon : Pertaining to Neptune. Study of the planet is Poseidology.
Prong : (slang) An Output/Out’, or someone behaving or affecting to be one. See Peg.
PX-8 : Plastic-explosive made with octonitrocubane. Often referred to by the nickname “C8” or “Charlie-eight”.


RATS : Robotic Armoured Tactical System. Robotic system or cybershell designed for combat.
Replumb : (slang) Gender reassignment.
Retool : (slang) Any biomod that enhances or adds the “male organ”. Someone of either gender with this biomod.
Retread : a (usually) vintage media created as a new version with different (usually deceased or long-retired) artists, using their voices, images or even eidolons (THS Deep Beyond 3e p.120). Example include “Dirty Harry” staring Clark Gable, “Demolition Man” with John Wayne and Jackie Chan, Elvis singing “Wonder Wall”, or The Mommas and the Papas singing “Cruel Summer”. Some retreads are created on demand by a computer system. Some such creations have seen widespread success and circulation.
Rick’s Law : (aka “Robinson’s First Law of Space Warfare”) “An object impacting at 3 km/sec delivers kinetic energy equal to its mass in TNT” Link.
Roblock : (slang) Malfunction caused by conflicting instructions or data. Derived from “robot-blocked”.
Rock Rat : (slang) An asteroid miner.
Rho-Class/Rho-oid : One of the three major sub-classes of planetary types. Solid ice or rocky bodies with no or thin atmospheres. Rho-class worlds are twice the mass of Earth or smaller.
Rykor(s) : (slang) Derogatory label suggesting that someone's most useful purpose is to carry technology or machine intelligences around. Usually used for humans by SAIs. 


SAI : Sapient Artificial Intelligence. 
Sally/Sammy : (slang) Saturn, or pertaining to Saturn.
Scraps : A term with a similar meaning to “fringers”. Scraps are seen as the discards of society, mainly living by scavenging.
Screw-turner : A job that requires the worker to be physically present at the place of work. A worker performing such a task.
Second Wave : The Second Wave of Civilizations was the Industrial Revolution or Industrial Age. Alvin Toffler defined this as beginning at the end of the Seventeenth Century until 1955.
Selene : Pertaining to Moon. Study of the satellite is Selenology.
Seven : (slang) Virtual Interface Implant. Derived from treating “VII” as Roman numerals.
Space  vessel
SEV : Space Exploitation Vessel. Military space vessel of similar size to an SCV or SDV. Has a large number of multi-role cargo holds. By varying the contents of these holds the SEV can serve as an SCV, SDV or a variety of other missions.
As of January 1st, 2100, no SEVs are officially in service. In certain circles it is believed that over half a dozen are already operating in the outer system, serving with several space forces.
Simp : Semi-Intelligent Manufactured Primate. Artificial animal produced by chimerization and cloning of monkey DNA.
Simps typically resemble a 30kg spider or howler monkey. Around the body size of a baboon, with longer arms, legs and tail. Feet and tail are prehensile.
Used for low skill labour and repetitive tasks. Originally designed for work on space vessels and habitats, they may be encountered in other locations.
Popular with those who have ethical, religious or political objections to bioroids, robots, uplifts or AI. Link
Skate : n. A wheel or track mounted on a limb.
v. Form of locomotion used by cybershells with limb-mounted tracks or wheels.
Slot : (slang) Derogatory term with the same meaning as Input/In’.
Slowboat : A long-range space vessel that travels slower than lightspeed. Particularly a vessel of this form that is intended for travel between star systems.
Soft-Xoxnap : Xoxnapping using non-destructive methods. The usual form of xoxnapping.
Sprite/VR Sprite : A computer generated and controlled character or avatar in a VR game or simulation.
Stalk-Jack : (slang) Construction worker on a space elevator/orbital lift/beanstalk.
Struldbrugg/Struldbrug (slang) Derogatory term for the very old or the very old and very wealthy (Meths).
SWATbot : Urban assault robot usually used by police. Human-sized and heavily armoured. Equipped with breaching systems, LLW and close-range weaponry.


Teleshell : A cybershell (or bioshell) that is operated remotely.
Terry : (slang) Terran, or pertaining to Earth.
Third Wave : The Information Age, defined by Alvin Toffler as beginning around 1955.
Since the Second Wave depends on territorial gain, market expansion and other finite resources, the Second Wave was not sustainable and transition into a post-industrial society was inevitable.
This transition has resulted in various changes in trade, work and social structures.
Toffler, Alvin : Author of The Third Wave (1980).
Transhuman Stars : A THS setting where a practical means of interstellar transport has become available. Travel between star systems has become a matter of days and weeks rather than years and decades.
Described in GURPS 4e Spaceships 8. p.40.
Triple Insertion : An object or feature that occurs both in real life and within multiple layers of VR simulation.
Twen-Cen : “Twentieth Century”. Pertaining to old/Second Wave (often obsolete) thoughts, practices, values or memes.
Twisted : To be under the influence of a drug. To be not one’s normal self. Behaving out of character.


Unmaster : To remove, often illegally, the controls and/or restraints on a program, AI, cybershell, robot, computer, bioshell or bioroid.
Uplift : v. The process of creating an intelligent  or more intelligent species from animal stock.
n. An animal that is the product of uplifting.
Uranian : Pertaining to Uranus. Study of the planet is Uranology.
Urbraft : Water-situated living complex. Like a houseboat, but with multiple dwelling areas.


VII : Virtual Interface Implant.
Vinny : (slang) Venus, or pertaining to Venus.
Virts : (slang) individuals that you only interact with on-line.
Visors : (slang) A possible intelligence source that may have a view of a person/point of interest.
Specifically, one whose VII, WVI or handheld has a feed accessible to the interested party.
“Visors” generally refers to people, but can include feed from webcams, surveillance cameras, cybershells, vehicles or other sources.
A visor may be an intelligence operative or asset deliberately tasked to view something, or may be an accessible member of the public who happens to be in the right place when needed.
V-Time : Time spent within a virtual reality or simulation. Subjective time may be accelerated or slowed. A week in V-time may be only an hour in the real time, or the reverse. Prolonged use of time compression or expansion in V-time my cause physical or psychological conflicts between body and mind.
VTSweaty : Sweatshop where unskilled labour assemble items guided by V-tags.
A worker that assembles items guided by V-tags (“Freehand” (qv)).
Usually associated with the developing world, they are disturbingly common in parts of the USA.


Whaup : An explosive or chemical bomb that externally resembles a golf-ball. Usually activated by the act of driving the ball. Link
Wetware : 1. Human brain or human thought processes, particularly in contrast to computer/AI hardware or software.
2. Biological components, for example, biomods or transplant organs.
Wetware Computer : A computer or computational system which is composed of organic material, such as neurons.
Wetware Programming : to give or receive knowlege/information/education, to learn or teach.
WVI : Wearable virtual interface. More commonly just called a “wearable”. Usually 3D2S interface.


Xenoforming : Changing the conditions on a planet to more closely resemble those of another planet. The alien equivalent of terraforming.


Zeus : Pertaining to Jupiter. Study of the planet is Zenology.
Zooeugenic : Alternate term for uplifts or uplifting.