New Terminology for Transhuman Space

Transhuman Space (THS) has its own terminology, and some of these terms may be unfamiliar to the reader. Some of the sourcebooks have a glossary section, but one sometimes encounters a term that is defined in another title. Currently I do not have time to collate a THS dictionary.
This post was inspired by the observation that THS lacked a specific term for a cybershell or other device that was controlled remotely, rather than hosting an infomorph. (The term “drone” has become rather ambiguous.) I have thrown in some other terms that may be useful, some of my own invention, some homages to other sci-fi. I will be updating this page as new ideas occur, so check the version number occasionally.
Version 1.7.7
3D5S : “Three dimensional, Five senses.” Taken from a nomenclature used to describe interface systems. VVI offer 3D5S experience. Wearables are usually 3D2S. VR suits usually 3D3S. Conventional television screens are 2D2S. Slinkies are sometimes described as 3D6S since they also render emotional impressions.


Arpeevi : A remotely piloted vehicle or remotely operated cybershell or bioshell. Derived from “RPV”.


Blank : Someone attempting to live outside official records or databases.
Boarding Torpedo : A boarding pod or Microgravity Assault Vehicle (MAV), specifically one that rams a vessel to create its own entrance. High acceleration flight and impact stresses mean such vessels invariably only carry military cybershells.
Bookscreen : Alternate name for a “book” aka “book computer”. (THS Broken Dreams p.130)
Breaching Pod : Alternate name for a boarding pod or Microgravity Assault Vehicle (MAV), specifically one that creates its own entrance.


C/Si, C/Si culture : pronounced “see-sy” or “see-sai”. Irrelevantly pronounced “sea-si”. A descriptor for the integration of biological (carbon or “C”) and electronic (silicon or “Si”) life or systems working together or in the same environment. The older term “C/Fe” (see-fee) may still be encountered.
Comp-panion : An alternate term for an AI companion, as found in a VII or WVI.
Corpsicle : Someone in stasis or suspended animation.
Counterstriker : An active defence system against missiles.


Dimestick/Dimedart : A 15mm micromissile. Term chiefly used in the USA or by Americans.
Dirty Belter : Someone from the outer edge of the asteroid belt, particularly from those settlements that use D-T fusion reactors for power (hence “dirty” as opposed to “clean” He3). Term may or may not be derogatory, depending on context and speaker.
Duster : (slang) Martian.
Dynamite : (slang) Term used for any explosive device using a length of lit fuse. Also used for explosive devices with a friction igniter initiated by a pull-cord or loop. Such ignition systems are used on many of the homemade grenades and pipe-bombs used by American insurgents.


El/El-Train : Elevated railway. Public transport system used in many cities.
Eunice : (slang) Uranus, or pertaining to Uranus. Sometimes preferred to the correct name by the prudish.


Fifteeny : A 15mm micromissile. More generally, any 15mm munition such as rounds for AMR or recoilless guns.
primitive armament
First Wave : Toffler's First Wave of Civilization is the settled agricultural society which prevailed in much of the world since Neolithic Period, replacing hunter-gatherer cultures. Some parts of the Earth in 2100 are still predominantly First Wave.
Fission : (slang) Bad, disastrous, particularly if involving a break up or destruction in some form or context.
Flats : (slang) 2D videos, usually vintage movies and shows from the 20th and early 21st century. eg: “They found him watching an old Bruce Lee flat”.
FLIP : Free-Living Intelligent/Independent Program.
FOBO : Fear of Being Off-line.


Hard-Xoxnap : A xoxnapping made by brainpeeling or other destructive means to create a ghost. Fatal for the victim.
Swarm warhead
Hive Bomb/Hive Warhead : Warhead containing a swarm of microbots or small robotic systems. Also known as swarm or cyber-cargo rounds.
Hive Bot : Robot with the primary or additional function of hosting, and possibly controlling, microbot swarms. Some military models take the form of compact, heavily armoured vehicles or walkers.


Inner : (slang) Of or from the inner worlds, specifically Mars, Luna or Earth.


Jenny/Joey : (slang) Jupiter, or pertaining to Jupiter.
Joat : A generalist in a particular field of study or knowledge. (Etymology: derived from Jack of All Trades”)
Jovic : Lifeform of a Jovoid planet (hypothetical in THS).


Lev : (slang) Maglev train system. Often incorrectly used for any monorail or elevated railway.
Limpet Pod : Alternate name for a boarding pod or Microgravity Assault Vehicle (MAV), specifically one that attaches to the hull of a vessel rather than ramming.
Loony/Lunie : (slang) Luna, or pertaining to the Moon.
Louie : (slang) Luna, or pertaining to the Moon.


Marginals : A term often with a similar meaning to “fringers”. In some societies marginal has more of an implication of criminality or deviancy.
Meme Bomb : A constructed rumour. A “mind grenade” (Toxic Memes 3e p.61).
Mercy~ (Mercy-Boy/-Girl/-Men) : A mercenary or gun-for-hire.
Micky/Mickey/Mickie : (slang) Martian, or pertaining to Mars
Microbot : In common usage “microbot” is used as a generic term for any small robot or cybershell. In more technical context the term is specific for a robot with characteristic dimensions of less than one millimetre (0.1 cm). “Microbots” in a cyberswarm may in actuality be microbots, millibots or smallbots.
The conventions used are:
Nanobot/nanorobot: characteristic dimensions of one micrometer or less (0.0001 cm). May also be used for larger robots designed to handle materials of 1 to 1,000 nm dimensions. 
Microbot/microrobot: size between one micrometre and one millimetre (0.1 cm).
Millibot/millirobot: between one millimetre and 1 centimetre (1 m) in size.
Minibot/minirobot: between 1 cm and 1o centimetre (10 cm) in size.
Smallbot/small robot: between 10 cm and 1 metre (100 cm) in size.
Minnie/Hot Minnie : (slang) Mercury, or pertaining to Mercury.


Nester or Nessie : Colonist of the asteroid belt. “Dirty nester” is an alternative to “dirty belter” (qv).
Nina : (slang) Neptune, or pertaining to Neptune.


Palmscreen : Alternate name for a hand-held. (THS Broken Dreams 3e p.130)
Penunimate : The time before the final one percent of an operation completes. May be several hours in duration.
Poke : v. To inject. To take a drug, not necessarily by injection. n. A dose of a drug.


Retread : a (usually) vintage media created as a new version with different (usually deceased or long retired) artists using their voices, images or even eidolons (THS Deep Beyond 3e p.120). “Dirty Harry” staring Clark Gable, “Demolition Man” with John Wayne and Jackie Chan, Elvis singing “Wonder Wall” or The Mommas and the Papas singing “Cruel Summer”. Some retreads are created on demand by a computer system. Some such creations have seen widespread success and circulation.
Roblock : (slang) Malfunction caused by conflicting instructions or data. Derived from “robot-blocked”.


Sally/ Sammy : (slang) Saturn, or pertaining to Saturn.
Scraps : A term with a similar meaning to “fringers”. Scraps are seen as the discards of society, mainly liviing by scavenging.
Screw-turner : A job that requires the worker to be physically present at the place of work. A worker performing such a task.
Second Wave : The Second Wave of Civilizations was the Industrial Revolution. Alvin Toffler defined this as begining at the end of the Seventeenth Century until 1955.
Space  vessel
SEV : Space Exploitation Vessel. Military space vessel of similar size to an SCV or SDV. Has a large number of multi-role cargo holds. By varying the contents of these holds the SEV can serve as an SCV, SDV or a variety of other missions. As of 1/1/2100 no SEVs have officially in service. In certain circles it is believed that over half a dozen are already operating in the outer system, serving with several space forces.
Soft-Xoxnap : Xoxnapping using non-destructive methods. The usual form of xoxnapping.


Teleshell : A cybershell (or bioshell) that is operated remotely.
Terry : (slang) Terran, or pertaining to Earth.
Twen-Cen : “Twentieth Century”. Pertaining to old/ Second Wave, often obsolete thoughts, practices, values or memes.
Twisted : To be under the influence of a drug. To be not one’s normal self.


Vinny : (slang) Venus, or pertaining to Venus.
VTSweaty : Sweatshop where unskilled labour assemble items guided by V-tags. A worker that assembles items guided by V-tags (“Freehand”). Usually associated with the developing world, they are disturbingly common in parts of the USA.


WVI : Wearable virtual interface. More commonly just called a “wearable”. Usually 3D2S interface.