Katral TN and TNM Android

The Katral TN-series are a relatively common mannequin-type android. Facial features are basic, just eyes and a speaker grill. TNs are five feet and four inches tall, a design feature intended to make them less intimidating and also save materials and reduce cost.
TNs are typically used for tasks that favour a human body- form but do not require extensive social interaction with humans.
TNs can use tools and devices originally designed for humans, so are popular in the older factories and workshops of the Third and Fourth Wave. They are also used in some Fifth Wave factories, but in daily life one is most likely to encounter a TN being used for janitorial or cleaning duties.

Katral TNM

A significant variant of the TN-series are the TNM military models.
As might be expected, military models are more robust and include a greater number of back-up or auxiliary systems. Their outer integument is resistant to light weapons such as bullets and fragments. A TNM is larger than a TN, being six feet tall. Typically TNMs are painted in a military colour or pattern. Models working in certain conditions such as aircraft hangers will be painted in high-visibility colour schemes.
TNMs (aka “tinmen”, “military marionettes (MM or “mike-mike”)” or “tin soldiers”) are primarily used for the everyday routine tasks around a military installation.
If fielded in a combat unit, their primary role tends to be carrying stores and reloading artillery or combat RATS.
TNMs can be used as combat systems, however. They can use any tool or weapon designed to be used by a human soldier. If required they can wear camouflaged clothing, webbing and body-armour designed for baseline humans.
During an emergency at a military installation, armed TNMs are often the first units on the scene since instructing them to arm themselves is often quicker than bringing online more sophisticated RATS in storage.