Shiner VIP protection UAV

The Shiner is a quadcopter UAV designed for VIP protection duties.
A typical model is about half a yard in width.

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The Shiner hovers several yards above the principal.
In this position its camera feed may contribute to area surveillance.
If there is a threat to the principal the Shiner drops down to a position between the principal and the potential threat.
The Shiner then activates its powerful floodlight system, dazzling anyone looking toward the principal.
This effect is particularly potent on magnified vision systems such as cameras or sighting devices.
The light source also serves as a countermeasure against the smaller or less sophisticated types of laser-guided munition.
The floodlight varies its wavelength output to counter countermeasure attempts.
The deployment of the Shiner buys vital seconds for the principal to be removed to safety.
Some Shiners carry a smoke grenade that can be dropped to mask the retreat of the principal. Floodlights may also have a strobe or LED incapacitator option to further disorientate a threat source.
Shiners have a secondary role as flying illumination sources so may be see accompanying search and rescue units.