Weapons: 9.5mm Poly-Hunter, Garden Gun and Olympic Pistol

9.5mm Poly-Hunter

9.5mmPC. The 9.5mmPC is a rifle round designed for animal control and is sufficient to handle large dangerous game such as bears. It is a polymer-cased round firing full calibre bullets of 270-300 gr. It also uses saboted smaller calibre rounds varying from 6.7mm to 8.6mm and 100 gr to 275 gr weights. By varying load the one gun can handle a wide variety of targets and shooting conditions.
Hunting is relatively rare in 2100 and the 9.5mmPC is mainly issued to game warders. It does see some use as a sniping or marksman weapon, although in advanced armies remote-snipers are more common. Military ammunition includes multi-purpose APHEI rounds.

Garden Gun

The Garden Gun is a compact coilgun that fires steel 4.5mm pellets of 20 to 60 gr weight. The most notable features of the weapon are its inbuilt NAI system and the capability to vary muzzle velocity to suit the intended target and range. The gun can be set to fire at subsonic velocity for situations such as indoor target ranges. The Garden gun is used for target practice, plinking and were permitted, small game hunting. The NAI prevents the weapon being used for vandalism. Unless in “Survival Hunting mode” the NAI will prevent the weapon being used against animals not classed as legal game or vermin. It will not fire against humans or domestic animals unless “emergency defence mode” is invoked. In the latter case any shooting will be recorded as evidence. If set to “survival hunting mode” any animal target can be engaged but the gun will record shootings and also emit a distress beacon.
The Garden Gun is decried by some as a “nanny gun”. Others consider it a very useful survival tool that also teaches responsible shooting behaviour. Attempting to disengage the safeguards can be surprisingly difficult. Stubborn would-be hackers may find themselves having to buy more than one replacement.

Olympic Pistol

The Olympic pistol is a target pistol configuration coil gun using the same ammunition as the Garden gun. It lacks the LAI system and higher velocity settings of the Garden gun.