Sentry Monitors

Sentry monitors are a well-established technology. In societies where most security patrolling is conducted by cybershells they may even be regarded as being somewhat dated.
A sentry monitor is a worn device that monitors the wearer’s body temperature and heart rate. They may be encountered being used by human security guards and soldiers on guard duty.
If the monitor detects bio-signs concurrent with the wearer sleeping the monitor activates an alarm to wake the guard. If the correct code is not entered within the given time the monitor will transmit an alert to a control centre.
If the monitor detects bio-signs indicating that the wearer is drugged, unconscious, injured or dead it will transmit a more urgent alarm to summon help.
If the monitor is removed, either by accident or on purpose a security code must be entered or an alert is transmitted.
Removing a monitor and placing it on another person serves little purpose unless the correct reset code is known.
Sentry monitors are most common in Third Wave societies. In Fourth and Fifth Wave societies they may be worn by cybershell supervisors or operators. Security cybershells usually have an equivalent system that activates an alarm should the cybershell be disabled.