Weapons: Belt Sword

Today I was watching the Matt Helm movie “The Ambushers”.
In one scene Helm runs out of ammunition, so unthreads his belt from his trousers. He holds the belt under a convenient stream of water and the belt becomes rigid so he can use it as a weapon.
It occurred to me that a similar device might be practical in THS.
The belt would be made of memory plastic and become rigid under the stimulus of a piezo-electric charge generated by the buckle. Such a belt would be treated in combat as a light club or blunt sword so would do crushing damage. A typical man’s belt would count as a broadsword or bokken so do Sw+1 cr/ Thr +1 cr damage. Depending on the wearer’s girth, it might instead be a shortsword or bastard sword.
Successful use of this weapon depends on wearing trousers that stay up without a belt!