Biomod: Tabi-Feet

“It’s OK, you can look. I call them my tabi-feet!
My first half-century or so was not kind to my feet. Fallen arches, torn tendons, all sorts of stuff. When I got them fixed, I had this done as well. The original bones are still in there, but now the four lesser toes share one lump of flesh. I have a big toe and an even bigger toe! I was always banging or catching my little toe on things. That is no longer a problem!
There are different options, but I went for the single big toenail, or as I call it, “the hoof”! So big toenail, and even bigger toenail.
This is cool: Watch. Retractable climbing claws! Three of them under each bigger toenail.”
The tabi-feet biomod encloses the bones of the four lesser toes in a single larger toe. It is essentially a quirk, but may evoke positive or negative reactions from some. In superstitious communities the owner may be accused of having cloven hooves!