Bioroids: Taleon Series

The Taleon model bioroid line was developed by Waterloo Vitals, a Canadian company previously known for the production of high quality biomod organs. Part of the programming of Taleons is based on the British regimental system. Taleons are very loyal to their comrades and regiment. Canada, Britain and Australia were enthusiastic early customers for Taleons. The USA, New Zealand, South Africa and several European Union states have also brought Taleons. (EU, SA and NZ Taleons are citizens and technically were recruited rather than purchased. The Taleon acquisition remains controversial with some pro-sapient or anti-military citizens) So far there have been no major conflicts were both sides fielded Taleons. Many are curious about such a competition, including most Taleons.
The Taleon line comprises of three related strains of bioroid. All Taleons have the following features:
• Eyes are somewhat larger than of baseline humans. Day and night vision is very good. External ears are somewhat smaller. Canine teeth are somewhat more pointed but this has not enough to have an effect on combat ability.
• Nose is broader with enlarged nostrils. Nostrils can be closed against water or dust. Sense of smell is very well developed. Taleons in crowded conditions such as cities may suppress their sense of smell using autohypnosis.
• Fingers end in short claws which are mainly used for climbing and digging. On the inner side of the forearm is a polgara spine, a product of Waterloo Vitals. This is a polykeratin spike that can be extended a quarter to a third of a metre past the heel of the hand. A Taleon can grip and stab simultaneously with the same arm. The spine does thrust-impaling damage. The claws and polgaras are why Taleon hand to hand techniques use a lot of palm heel and spear-hand strikes.
• The Taleon’s lungs, liver and kidneys are all based on Waterloo’s biomod lines and give a variety of advantages. The Taleon can survive on raw vegetable matter a normal human could not. Their liver and immune system allows them to safely drink water that would be dangerous to a baseline human. There is also little point in kicking a Taleon in the groin. Waterloo Vitals did not bother installing unnecessary vulnerabilities. Taleon have the equivalent of the “Testicle Tuck” biomod.
• Taleon programming and education includes autohypnosis techniques. This may be used to override feelings of pain or discomfort. A Taleon hiding underwater can divert most of his blood flow to just his brain, so can stay submerged for a long time. One of the most mundane but useful applications of this training is that a Taleon can instantly fall asleep when desired, regardless of external stimuli. A useful skill for a soldier!
• Waterloo's standard programming renders Taleons psychologically incapable of torture or rape.
• All Taleon soldiers are AB+ blood group, making them universal recipients, and 38% are left handed. This means that 38% of a unit will tend to carry their weapons pointed to the right, or be more adept at firing from their left shoulders. This proves useful in street fighting and when ambushed.
The three strains of Taleon are:
Kueru: Kuerus resemble baseline humans until you get close. Kuerus are the most useful Taleon for covert missions, liaison work, peacekeeping etc. The default skin colour is a medium brown which is a reasonable camouflage shade under many conditions. At a distance Kuerus can pass for Latin Americans or Asians. Kuerus can control their melanin by autosuggestion and in a few ours can turn their skins deep brown if the climate or location requires it. They can also lighten their skin enough to pass for Caucasians or Orientals at a distance. The skin itself is somewhat leathery, giving them added protection. Most Kuerus shave their heads although some leave a “pad” of hair at the top and mohawks are not unknown. A popular fashion, particularly among NCOs are tightly trimmed mutton-chop whiskers i.e. beards with the chin shaved.
Kiru: Kirus are probably the most common Taleon. They resemble Kuerus but have a coat of tan and grey fur that sheds water like a Labrador’s coat. The fur has a mottled pattern that is a useful camouflage. The main advantage of the fur is it greatly reduces the weight of clothing a furred Taleon needs to carry. The fashion for mutton chops is also seen in furred Taleon.
Kret: Krets resemble Kirus in everything except height. Kuerus and Kirus are 1.75 metres (5ft 9") tall. Kret are 1.35 metres (4ft 5"). Kret can go many places larger soldiers cannot. They are also adroit climbers and jumpers. Kret make highly capable snipers, scouts and tunnel fighters. Although strong for their size, Kret are weaker than other Taleon so do not have the ST+1 modifier. Instead a Kret automatically has Jumping (DX+3) skill.
Kueru 95 points
Kiru 96 points.
Kret 94 points
Attribute Modifiers:
Kueru: ST +1 [10]; HT +1 [10] FP +2 [6];
Thick Hide DR 1 [5]
Kiru: ST +1 [10]; HT +1 [10] FP +2 [6];
Fur: (DR 1 [5], Fur [1], Temperature Tolerance 1 [1]) Total [7] points.
Unnatural Features 1 [-1]
Kret:HT +1 [10] FP +2 [6];
Fur: (DR 1 [5], Fur [1], Temperature Tolerance 1 [1]) Total [7] points.
Jumping +3 [8]
Unnatural Features 1 [-1]
Date: 2091 Cost: $160,000
Combat reflexes [15]Sense of duty -2 [-10]
Night Vision +2 [2]Code of Honour (Soldier’s) [-10]
Discriminatory Smell [15]Unusual Biochemistry [-5]*
Acute Vision [2]Sterile [0]*
Acute Taste/Smell [2]Early Maturation 4 [0]*
Polgara (Striker/Talons, thr-imp, switchable +10%) [9]
Blunt claws [3]
Arm Strength (Both Arms, ST+1) [5]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Injury Tolerance (No Vitals; Partial, Vitals, Groin only, -60%) [2]
Filter Lungs [5]
Breath-Holding 2 [4]
Cast Iron stomach 1 [4]
Resistant to Poison (+3) [3]
Resistant to Disease (+3) [3]
Resistant to Ingested Poison (+8) [5]
Reduced Water Consumption 2 (water only -50%) [2]
No Degeneration in Zero-G [1]*
Features marked * are traits common to all bioroids. All bioroids have a Virtual Interface Implant (VII) and downslink fitted as standard as part of their education and training process. Taboo Trait (Genetic Defects); Intron Messages (Trademark);