Weapons: Laser Assault Cassette

Version 1.1

The laser assault cassette is an accessory for laser rifles. A C cell provides a laser rifle with 30 shots, which may be insufficient for many combat engagements. Under combat conditions the small size of a C cell may make replacing it problematic, especially if the user is wearing space-suit or battlesuit gauntlets.
The laser assault cassette (aka “power cassette” or “power mag”) ;is a lightweight polymer container that holds three C cells and circuitry that connects all three to the laser rifle. The cassette plugs into the laser rifle and the rifle takes power from the cassette before using its standard C-cell. A cassette-equipped laser rifle therefore has 120 shots, and still has 30 shots available once the cassette is exhausted. A drained cassette can, of course, be replaced with another cassette for an additional 90 shots. Treat as an assault rifle magazine change.
The size of the cassette makes it easier to handle, being of similar size to a conventional assault rifle magazine. To make it more foolproof the cassette has power connections at each end so it cannot be fitted wrong way up.
Many recently produced models of laser rifle have a mounting for a power cassette. Those that do not can have one built with suitable microbots in less than an hour. Such an upgrade should include programming to teach the laser to take power from the cassette first.
A laser assault cassette fitted with three C cells weighs 1.7 lb.
The connection for a power cassette can also be used to take power from a D or E cell. Due to their weight, these are seldom attached directly to a rifle so a connector fitted with a power cable is used. The D or E cell is worn on a belt, in a backpack or in a chest rig. A D cell provides 300 shots, an E cell 1,200.