Anapu Security RATS

The Anapu is a military robot that is also used by some police forces and many security firms.
The Anapu can be thought of as being intermediate between types such as the Kuros and the TNM.
Kuros are effectively mobile weapon turrets, while TNMs are a militarized version of a simple labour model.
The Anapu is a combat and guard model, well suited to navigating surroundings designed for baseline humans.
The Anapu is humanoid and 6ft, 4" tall, just short enough to move through aa standard doorway without stooping.
The feet of the Anapu mount motorized treads. On even terrain Anapu sometimes roll rather than walking. When moving at speed, they skate rather than run.
Weapons are mounted on each forearm. Unlike some humanoid designs of RATS, the arms of an Anapu retain their hands.
Armament options include 10mm PDWs, assault pods (4mm PDW and 4 x 15mm micro-missiles) or police armguns (electrolaser and 4 x 15mm micro-missiles). A military assault rifle can be mounted on each forearm, but requires a shortened barrel (-2d to damage) to be fitted so that it does not interfere with the use of the android’s hands. Conceivably, an Anapu could hold a rifle in each hand while also firing its forearm weapons. Some models are fitted with “cuff-hands”, manacle-like pincers used to restrain a suspect.
An Anapu’s primary weapon is mounted in its head, between and below the eyes. (The brain of an Anapu is in its torso.) This is usually a modified 5mm, 5.6mm or 6.6mm assault rifle with a standard-length barrel. Some models mount other weapons such as electrolasers. Two launch tubes for 15mm micro-missiles may be mounted in each cheek.
To accommodate such weapon systems the head has an elongated snout. The Anapu looks rather like a tall man wearing a dinosaur head. Cosmetic modifications increase this effect.
Mark II and later models took this a step further by giving the head a working jaw mechanism (Mk Is often had this feature retrofitted). Among other things, the jaw of an Anapu can bite through wire, fibre-optic cables, grenade mesh and small branches.
Firing the head-mounted primary weapon is often spectacular, muzzle flash appearing to flame from the head’s nostrils and propellant fumes seep from its “ears”.
The head and limbs of the Anapu have a greater degree of motion than those of a baseline human. An Anapu attacked from behind may simply swivel its head and arms to fire behind it rather than turn around!
If under heavy fire they will squat down and move by their treads alone.
The Anapu’s size, appearance and fearsome jaws make it an intimidating presence, which suits many of the roles for which it is used.